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“Why Launching Your Own Product Is The
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It is now possible for you to launch your own product and make it online
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Struggling To Get Your Business Off The Ground?

And You're Puzzled
Where To Start...

You have some knowledge or skills that you want to share and help them improve.

You know how people can overcome their problems and want to teach them and provide value.

You know the pain people are going through and have a solution that you want to share with them.

You know people will love what you have to share with them.

There Are 3 Problems...


You don't know where to start, what steps to take first and how to set everything up to launch a product that people will love.


You think it will take a lot of your time, resources and expensive tools to get your own product on the marketplace.


You're afraid people might not be interested in what you have to say and their reaction could sound and look embarrassing.

Do You Want To

From the Desk Of: Torsten Mueller

Welcome and thank you for checking out Launching Blueprint.

Some years ago, when I started out on the internet, I told a paternal friend about my plans, and he said:

"If you don't have your own product, you don't have a real business!"

Of course, you already know the answer, I turned a deaf ear to this and ignored his advice...

I'd rather try to do my own thing...

So I understand your struggles, because I went through exactly the same struggles myself...

Until one day, when I finally decided to follow the advice and launch my own product out there...

Below you can see for yourself what happened:

Did You Know...

Just One Product Can Make A Big Difference...

Here's an example of my WarriorPlus Account...

And here's an example of my affiliate sales on JVZoo...

And then, suddenly also things like this happen...


Launching Blueprint

  • 14 training modules showing everything that I do in my business...
  • The videos are in over the shoulder style with easy to follow step by step instructions...
  • Checklist in PDF format to print out and tick off what you have achieved, so you know always where you stand...
  • Includes templates, scripts and WP plugins that make getting results even easier...

I Know, Launching Your Own Product Might Sound Hard, But Look...

In fact it's like going on a weekend trip to the sea side...

You're at location A and want to go to location B.

Now you either start the engine and commence your drive, or you enter the destination into your navigation system and let it lead your way...

This is exactly what my Launching Blueprint does..

It takes your destination code and gives you simple and easy directions to follow along...

This is the next best thing, right after having me as your driver...

But let me share a secret with you...

I'm not telling you just anything, and just a few people know about this...

Right before my last launch I left off for an extended weekend trip to the sea side...

While others who launched their products the same day were still hustling and doing last minute jobs, I enjoyed some quality time with the family and sipped Pina Coladas...

You see, launching my own product was like going on a weekend trip...

Because I followed my own blueprint.

But let us have a look at what's inside...

Here's What's Inside Launching Blueprint

Product Idea Guide

In this module we're talking about getting an idea what's the right product for you.

Software & Services

This module discusses which software and services are needed to start an online business.

Funnel Creation

We discuss funnels and how to create one that is attractive for affiliate, but also for the vendor.

Graphic Design

Banners, eCovers, Logos... You might need a ton of graphics.. We have a look on creating them easily.

Membership Area

The easiest way to protect your content and deliver it to the right person only is using a membership site.

Warrior Plus

We explore how to set up your sales funnel in Warrior Plus and connect it with your site for automation.


We set up a sales funnel in Jvzoo and connect it with your site for automated product delivery.

Early Bird Page

Before launch we will make use of an early bird page to add potential buyers to our list.

Early Bird Mailing

We will set up a mailing schedule to keep the early bird list updated and convert them into buyers.

Sales Page

We will discuss the necessary aspects of a successful sales page, and have

Sales Page Video

There are different types of videos, so which one to use. We'll shed the light on it and show you how.

Split Testing

Split testing will analyze the performance of the sales page and suggest necessary changes.

Facebook Ads

Billions of people are using Facebook. Using their ads, targeted the right way, can bring lots of traffic.

Final Testing

Everything is now in place. So it's time to have a final test, and launch your product in confidence.

GET INSTANT ACCESS TO LAUNCHING BLUEPRINT NOW!Hurry! Early Bird Discount EXPIRES When The Timer Reaches Zero...

By the time we’re done you’ll know exactly how to launch your own product on any marketplace and to profit from.

Having your own product out there is an asset you can profit from forever. Week after week, month after month, year after year. And once you've got one on the market, you can create more and pile up your assets.

I've offered this as a service to some marketers, and I taught this method to dozens of other people. Their results are speaking for themselves.

Don't believe me? Have a look for yourself:


  • Steven Lucas
    Launching a product is hard the first few times, we all know that. Torsten's Launching Blueprint can change all that. The graphics module is worth the price of the course on its own. If you weren't a image expert when you started, you will be by the time you finish. I've gone through this course and it's a real learn something every minute tutorial - there's enough to keep you busy for days and I've learned so much about product launching that I know it's time to step away from affiliating other products and be the front man myself.
    Steven Lucas
  • Chris Davis
    If I was asked to choose one word to describe Launching Blueprint - it would be confidence. Launching Blueprint has given me knowledge and insights into all the key topics for launching a digital product of my own. Torsten's video tuition is delivered in sensibly sized units. Each comes with a summary sheet of the main points and links to the resources mentioned. Where I take it from here is down to me. However - with Launching Blueprint to refer to - I am confident I have all the bases covered.
    Chris Davis Member of Society11

Torsten, does not release products often, but when he does you can be sure he has
spent a lot of time creating something worthwhile.

His latest offering, “Launching Blueprint”, is no exception. It is a detailed step-by
step, over the shoulder video training giving you the exact plan to follow when you
launch your own product online.

In a series of 14 video modules, Torsten takes you through the entire process, from the initial research required to come up with your product idea, the full product creation
process and each step you'll need to complete for the final launching of your finished product. If you follow it, this plan will ensure you achieve everything successfully.

I can't see anything that Torsten has left out of this course, and if you elect to pick up
the optional advance training, which I highly recommend, then you'll have the most
valuable reference for launching any product online in the future.

The advanced training takes the total number of videos to an impressive 40, covering
additional topics like recruiting Joint Venture partners and affiliates to promote and
introduce your product to a wider audience.

I will be publishing a more in depth review of “Launching Blueprint” in a blog post
but I have no hesitation in recommending it as a worthwhile investment. It will serve
you well as a workable roadmap for product launching.

Paul Carr



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To Your Internet Marketing Success,
Torsten Mueller

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Frequently Asked Questions About Launching Blueprint

Is this for newbie marketers?

This is a step by step blueprint especially targeted for marketers who are struggling. It is perfect even if you don’t have experience, as you will discover everything in easy to follow over-the-shoulder style videos.

What do I get inside?

Inside this video training I’ll show you the exact blueprint I am using to launch my products on any of the marketplaces. You will also receive access to our exclusive Facebook Group, where we help each other along the way.

How much does it set me back?

Right now I am offering is for just $7. There are no monthly or ongoing fees. However, I reserve the right to increase the price without further notice or to take this offer offline anytime.

How much can I make with this?

Seriously, as much or as little as you want. All you need to do is take action on the method that I reveal inside to launch your product, profit from it ever after, and repeat.

How do I get started?

Click the link below for INSTANT ACCESS!